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The fruit bowl overflowth. This makes me very, very happy.


This blog has been neglected.  Posting every day was just too much given everything else that has been going on.  I took some time to decide what I wanted this space to become for me.  I want it to be a place where I record why I’m grateful.  A place where I can turn to on a bad day and see the wonderful things that surround me (just in case I forget to notice).  But like I said, every day was too much and now with tax season it would just be the same picture every day  – my bed.  So, for now it’s going to become a weekly reflecting place and I’ll reevaluate after the busy season.

Today I took a mental health day.  I have been so tired and unfocused lately.  I needed some time to chill out and get my head back in the game.  Today was that day.

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Today I decided to change my hair color. I’m not the type to spend a bunch on a real colorist and this product worked just fine. And it gives me a (better) reason to straighten my hair.

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Today I had to deliver some documents to a client. I took a moment to admire the view from the hallway. Even though it’s been raining buckets it’s still a beautiful view.

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Our backyard was flooded on Monday morning by the neighborhood turkey parade. I was so excited – like jump around in my underwear with crazy bedhead excited. I’m thankful we live with a lot of green space around.

This post is a day late, but I couldn’t not share it.

Thankful that today I get to lounge in my pajamas and catch up on others thankful blogs.   Also, there are enough leftovers that I don’t have to cook tonight either.  Double thankfulness.